Crocs Hamburger Clogs: Fast Food Footwear That's Good For The Sole

Running out for fast food? Crocs Japan has got the perfect footwear for it! The burger & buns design sported by limited-edition Crocband Hamburger Clogs adds an unexpected aura of good taste to these much-dissed plastic sandals. But wait, there's more: the mouthwatering mocs can be customized with a set of special Jibbitz ideal for fast foodie foot fans opting to make it a combo. 

Crocs, the colorful plastic footwear with a nasty habit of being eaten by escalators, have earned a bad rep for their style (or lack thereof). Perhaps with this image issue in mind, Crocs Japan are invoking the pop culture cachet of cheap, greasy fast-food hamburgers in order to give their footwear a tasteful makeover. It's the logical next step (sorry) after burger buns were found to contain Azodicarbonamide, a component of foam plastic yoga mats.

Dubbed the “Crocband Hamburger Clog”, the sandals are based on Crocs' classic Crocband series but add layers of red, green and dark brown plastic to the sole. Sandwiched, as it were, between the light brown bun-like perforated shoe-top and the similarly-hued bottom sole, the effect evokes the image of a typical fast-food beef patty topped with lettuce and ketchup.

Since a fast-food burger is nothing without the usual “combo” sides pushed so annoyingly by McEmployees, Crocs Japan is offering special edition Jibbitz accessories including a miniature burger with a sesame-seed bun, french fries, and a soda pop. Jibbitz, as all Croc-wearers know, snap into the perforations on top of the sandals allowing for user personalization. 

Crocband Hamburger Clogs are available (from July 15th) in limited quantities, sized from 22 cm to 31 cm and priced at 4,900 yen (about $50) per pair excluding tax. Both the clogs and the special edition Jibbitz are sold exclusively by the Crocs Japan online store. (via Akihabara News and Narinari)