Crocs O-Dial Updates The Shoe Phone


Crocs, those clunky and colorful clogs that exploded onto the scene a few years back and imploded just as quickly, have come out with a new way to stick your finger in fashion's eye: the O-Dial.

This variation on the Croc shoe holds your cell phone, music player, digital camera or similar such device. O-Dial, from Crocs. Get it? Croc... O-Dial. Get it?? OK, enough already. If you can get by the cutesy name, you just might want to get the O-Dial for its own merits, which include:

  Removable belt clip

  Swivel "heel strap" that adjusts to different-sized devices

  Hidden pocket for phone cards, ID, receipts etc.

  Lanyard (optional) for wearing around the neck

  Accommodates Jibbitz (sold separately) for personalization



Japanese online retailer Rakuten is now offering the Crocs O-Dial (sorry, I love saying it) in 8 different colors & combos for 1,980 yen (about $20.50) each, plus shipping.

It does appear that 3 colors are sold out at the present time: CottonCandy/Celery (right), Fuchsia/Purple and Turquoise/Fuchsia. Oww, my eye!

Aug 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Croc... O-Dial

I like "Croc radio."

Sounds like a bad dialect joke.