Crooked False Canine Teeth Give Vamps The Vampire Look

“Magical Tooth” adhesive crooked canine caps from Japanese cosmetic accessories company Luvlit are designed to make wearers look younger, cuter and more attractive than ever before... and not just to vampires, either.

Known as “yaeba” in Japanese, the crooked-teeth look has become trendy and, yes, attractive due to a number of factors including the high cost of cosmetic dentistry and the popularity of manufactured teen girl pop-music groups like AKB48. There's actually an AKB48 knock-off who call themselves TYB48, with the TYB standing for “tsuke-yaeba”, or “fake-crooked teeth” in English.

We've previously mentioned Dental Salon Plaisir, a cosmetic dentistry clinic located in Tokyo's upscale Ginza district that as far back as September 2011 was lengthening, sharpening and otherwise enhancing their clients' canine teeth to near-canine (as in Fido) proportions.

As the clinic's Ginza address intimates, such tooth un-straightening doesn't come cheap and those into attempting some DIY fang finagling will find Luvlit's Magic Tooth an affordable, not to mention easily reversible, option.

Check out Luvlit's profusely illustrated Japanese-language product page to see how Magical Tooth “enhances” the appeal of several pop starlets. If you live outside Japan but are still interested in vamping yourself up one canine tooth at a time, White Rabbit Express has got just vat you vant.