CrossKicks Turn Your Old Shoes Into Solid Grip Basketball Shoes

As a former basketball player, from a basketball family, I can't tell you the number of times I've been challenged to a game of pick up at a family function or friend's place. And I can't tell you how many times that pick up game never happened because someone didn't have basketball shoes. This is just one dilemma CrossKicks can solve.


Basketball shoes are expensive. Having one pair designated for indoors only is unrealistic to some people. This is another problem CrossKicks can solve. CrossKicks are shoe covers that give you the right grip for a basketball court.

When you're playing basketball indoors, you don't want to be sliding all over the court. Old, slick shoes just aren't as effective as new shoes, and if you play at all on a outdoor court, your shoes can become slick very quickly. With CrossKicks, all you have to do is slide the shoe covers over your old shoes and play. Check out the maker of CrossKicks, Justin Lam, explain his invention in the video below. 

CrossKicks are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which is not only lightweight and flexible but also eco-friendly. EVA is non-toxic and doesn't bunch up when making cuts on the court. It hugs the shoe, doesn't make the shoe excessively heavy and can be customized to suit your color needs. 

The only downside to CrossKicks is that they aren't yet on the market. Lam ran a Kickstarter campaign, but was unsuccessful in raising necessary funds to make a mass production run. Hopefully he doesn't give up on CrossKicks, because this basketball player thinks these slip on shoe covers could be a big hit among kids (and adults) who don't want to buy shoes every 6 months or who want a portable option for an impromptu pickup game. Check out the CrossKicks Kickstarter page for more information.