Crosswalks Of the Future

It's common knowledge that crosswalks, although very handy, can also be very dangerous. It only takes one driver who isn't paying attention and you have a situation that could end very badly. Thankfully, a new concept design from the mind Hanyoung Lee should help to reduce the number of such instances drastically.

The idea behind the new crosswalk is simple. Instead of only using lights on each corner of the sidewalk, project an image spanning from one side of the road to the other. The bright red beam of lights should be visible for at least a few blocks and when illuminated, should stop even the most careless drivers.

Currently the design is only a concept, mostly due to difficulty and expense of production. I would also assume that the barries won't just suddenly illuminate bright red in the middle of downtown wherever. For safety purposes there would almost have to be something similar to the yellow flashing lights on a school-bus prior to full red illumination.

Thanks Lady Bee !

Source : Popular Science