Crowd-Defined Video Dictionary Wordia

Ever wondered how people would define words if given the option? Or how specific words have meaning to their lives? Check out Wordia, a recently-launched crowd defined video dictionary that might not win any grammar awards, but is worth the entertainment.

Anyone can create a Wordia account, pick a word and "define" it for the public. With Wordia, people can put their favorite term in context, explaining what it means to them and allowing others to dissect where and how the dictionary definition is hidden in there. The coolest part about this website, is that they feature celebrities and other experts to explain key definitions that have relevance to their industry - such as world renowned chefs defining words like ‘"feast".

While Wordia might help you find a few laughs, I wouldn't encourage children to replace their trustworthy Webster's Dictionary in lieu of this crowd-defined video dictionary!

Jul 21, 2009
by Anonymous


its fun and a growing hobby for lots of folks out there.