Cruise On Chargeboard, Then Charge Your Phone


The further you get away from a socket, the faster your phone dies. Doesn't that always seem to be the case? Well if you're getting further away from a socket longboarding on Chargeboard, then you don't ever have to worry about your phone dying.

Chargeboard is the longboard that produces energy while you're cruising and stores it so that you can charge your phone or device later. If you're in need of a quick charge, because your phone is dying and you're expecting a text from your boo, you can either dock your iPhone 4 or 4S or plug in to the board's USB port. 

Charging Phones With ChargeboardCharging Phones With Chargeboard

The board also has a 3.5 external audio jack that will allow you to connect any of your devices and play music through the built-in speakers. So, when you and your friends are done cruising around and are sitting at your favorite spot, you can set the mood (whatever it may be) with your jams. 

Chargeboard can charge your phone after only an hour's worth of cruising. Two dynamos in the rear axle generate about 6 volts of energy each while the wheels are spinning. This current is then converted into about 5 volts for USB devices. This is enough energy to fully charge your phone 8 times.

Longboard That Charges Your PhoneLongboard That Charges Your Phone

Chargeboard was designed by Bjorn van den Hout and is currently in its design/prototype stage, so you won't find one in any sporting goods store. This board isn't set to hit the market until the summer of 2015. You can find the production timeline for Chargeboard and more information on its Kickstarter page or visit the Chargeboard website