Cruise On The ET Scooter Then Fold It Up When You're Done

ET Electric Folding ScooterET Electric Folding Scooter

Commuting on a bike or scooter is always better than walking. You get to your destination quicker and with less effort. The problem with this is that you always have to find some place to secure the vehicle. With the ET Scooter, you can just fold it up and go.

More and more scooter manufacturers are going with environmentally friendly, green options. There are a variety of different electric scooters on the market today, and the ET Scooter is one of those. What separates the ET Scooter from the pack is its ability to shrink in dimensions. This electric scooter can be folded up, allowing for easier storage. 

ET ScooterET Scooter

The vision of the ET Scooter comes from an emerging fashion firm in Shenzhen, China, and the design took over four years to develop. Its sleek and minimalist design makes this scooter unlike any other of its kind. Since 2012, the ET Scooter has been accredited with ROHS, FCC and CE certifications. 

Riding ET ScooterRiding ET Scooter

Whether you're traveling to work, school or just out to grab a bite to eat, you'll be traveling in style while staying in tune with mother nature. The ET Scooter is 100% fuel-free. The electric motor can be charged from 0 to 100% in just around 2 hours, and the premium quality of the lightweight aluminum body ensures that the charge lasts. It's guaranteed to last at least 900 full cycles.

ET Scooter FoldedET Scooter Folded

Just because the ET Scooter folds up doesn't mean it sacrifices performance. This fashionable, lightweight ride will still carry you about 25mph. And then, when you get to wherever you're going, you have that added benefit of being able to fold and stow your ride. 

The ET Scooter has patents in about 30 countries right now, including the US, and they are looking to expand. The high performance of the ET Scooter, its fashionable design, environmental benefits and convenience make this vehicle a perfect fit for the urban commuter or anyone trying to get around the city. 

Source: ET Scooter