Cruise In Style With The Sunset Ghost Skateboard

Ghost SkateboardGhost Skateboard

Of course, it's not an actual ghost and it probably won't frighten anyone, but it was designed with the supernatural in mind. The Sunset Ghost Skateboard's clear board and white LED wheels will definitely make a ghostly impression as you glide by your friends.

You'll be a white streak in the night, seemingly floating down the streets. The deck of the Ghost Skateboard is transparent polycarbonate, the same material used in most bulletproof glass. It employs the latest UV inhibitors, making it very durable in the outdoors.  Sunset Ghost SkateboardSunset Ghost Skateboard  The wheels of the Ghost are white, with LED lights that can last up to 100,000 hours, and batteries aren't needed. The LED lights are powered by the spinning motion of the wheels. The wheels are also cast in Poly-Eurathane to give the board a smooth ride.

The Ghost Skateboard is currently out of stock on the Sunset site. However, you can check out that site for more information on this unique skateboard, and to see when you could get your hands (and feet) on one.