The Crunch Before Lunch: Banana & Peach Flavored Breakfast Potato Chips

In an effort to jump start the so-called “morning potato chips habit”, Japan's Koikeya is rolling out two new fruit-flavored potato chips: Banana and Peach. No need to import them here – American college students have already got the morning potato chips habit down pat.

That curious quote comes from none other than Koikeya themselves, via a May 12th, 2015 corporate press release. In it, they state their newfound mission to establish “potato chips as a new product that corresponds to the breakfast market”.

That may sound odd (forget “may”, it's odder than a three-dollar bill) but you'd at least expect Koikeya's brekky chips to exude the enticing taste and aroma of bacon, pancakes, maybe even coffee but noooo... they're going with fruit.

It's not as if Koikeya's going all-in on an untested concept – the company previously released Mikan (a Japanese tangerine-like citrus fruit) flavored potato chips. We've never seen, heard of or tasted them so maybe the idea went over like a lead zeppelin. All the more reason to try again, with TWO fab fruit flavors instead of just one!

This brings us to Koikeya's Banana flavored and Peach flavored potato chips, introduced on a limited basis a couple days ago with their nationwide debut scheduled for June 1st. The actual chips don't look different from regular potato flavored potato chips, adding to the sense of shock, confusion and perhaps dismay as the first chip meets the taster's taste buds. Cue that GIF of those dudes jumping out of a supply closet.

To give this product a positive spin, however, consider that almost ANY flavor is a step up from potato flavor, even when the item is made from potatoes. (via GetNews Japan and IT Media HealthCare)