Crying Girl DVD Helps Men Feel Strong

It may not be The Crying Game but "Crying Girl" (Nakigao, in Japanese) from Amuse Soft Entertainment has its fair share of crying. In fact, it's almost ALL crying. One after another, 11 minor female celebs shed real tears as they recount some of the worst days of their lives.   

The "11 stories of people crying in earnest", as the DVD's tag line states, include some that really don't seem so terrible but instead reflect the rigors of being an up & coming model in Japan's fiercely competitive "idol" culture:

  • Marika, who was yelled at by her manager.
  • Risa, who had been jilted by her boyfriend.
  • Nana, who saw a bad picture of herself in a magazine.
  • Shiho, who cried when her boyfriend said goodbye.
  • Mai, who cried "touching the loneliness of the city".
  • Yutaka, who has a friend with cancer who's engaged to be married.

If the Crying Girl DVD was being marketed in the Western World, it would certainly be aimed at women who can sympathize, empathize and ultimately feel catharsis through sharing the sad recollections of the 11 women on the DVD.

But that's not the case - Crying Girl, which will be available at Amazon Japan from March 26th, appears to be aimed at Japanese men.

This is a tricky concept, but it seems that men in Japan need to have their "conquering instinct" stoked up, and the way to do this is by watching beautiful women cry. Yep, in a nutshell: men feel stronger after experiencing the weakness of women. Try expressing that select philosophical nugget over here and you'll earn yourself a swift kick in the, er, nutshells.

But hey - Japan is a different culture and Crying Girl just underlines that fact. What's that? Oh, the Crying Girl DVD will cost you 2,940 yen (discounted to 2,176 yen, about $24), tax included. Knock yourself (and ONLY yourself) out.

Jan 26, 2010
by Anonymous

Give the men some slack

At least this keeps Japanese men from marrying video game characters. They need to man up.

Jan 27, 2010
by Anonymous

recycling of false teeth

Says on main sheet recycle false teeth collection boxes, do they do in this country?? no telephone anywhere to talk to you direct?

Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Crying girl


Feb 3, 2010
by Anonymous

Oh so sad

:( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Feb 4, 2010
by Anonymous

I think crying men would

I think crying men would make me feel more manly.

Feb 4, 2010
by Anonymous

"This is a tricky concept,

"This is a tricky concept, but it seems that men in Japan need to have their "conquering instinct" stoked up, and the way to do this is by watching beautiful women cry"

And in the US they do it by watching others (bums, kids, animals, etc) get pwned...just as bizarre if you ask me.

Feb 5, 2010
by Anonymous

Loved it!

I ordered this 4 months ago and finally got it! All I can say is I have been rock hard since my first viewing, the Japanese finally got it right!

Apr 15, 2010
by Anonymous



May 31, 2010
by Anonymous


wtf? LOL I laughed my ass off at this weird japan crying fetish
i cant believe anyone would make something as stupid as this