Crystal and Chocolate Dress: Every Woman’s Dream

Haute couture is no longer defined by luxurious and rare fabrics, or great cuts and designs. More and more customers across the world are opting for embellishments and glitter on dresses making bling a mandatory requirement.

The result is that we see more and more Swarovski crystals, precious gems and metals becoming a fashion detail and accessory, making people spend crazy amounts of money for a unique jewelry-outfit.

A question here.

What does a woman love as much if not more that crystal and precious gems?

I guess it would be safe to say that the answer is chocolates.

And what do women love more sparkling Austrian crystals and Swiss chocolate?

A dress that combines both!

Lindt, the famous chocolate house, realized this and created a dress, to satisfy a woman's greatest needs, for jewelry and chocolate. The festive red dress was made of Lindt Chocolate's Lindor Balls and Swarovski crystals.

The famous, beautiful and young violinist Linzi Stoppard was seen wearing the creation.

Though it looks fab, I kept thinking whether the creamy spheres of Swiss chocolate would melt if she sat down... and even if they didn't, just how comfortable was it to sit on near-golf ball sized candies?

The only way out?

Eat all the candies you can!

Linzi, according to reports, did just that.



Jan 22, 2009
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