Crystallized Shoes Glamorize “There’s No Place Like Home” Fashion

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was best known for her glittery, ruby red slippers and now there's a modern version available as part of a complete design project that partners Swarovski with a number of Japan designers.

CRYSTALLIZED Meets 12 Tokyo BrandsCRYSTALLIZED Meets 12 Tokyo Brands

Swarovski Crystal shoes are just one of the designs coming out of the CRYSTALLIZED Meets 12 Tokyo Brands which bring bedazzling back in a glamorous way. Dorothy would only be so lucky to get her feet in the glittery shoes that will soon be available, along with a number of other accessories that prove there's no place at home - at least not if you belong to or shop from one of these Japanese design houses participating in this project.

Swarovski Crystal ShoesSwarovski Crystal Shoes

Via: Hypebeast