Crystallized Swarovski: Men’s Luxurious Fashion Line Sparkles

For those guys who love fashion and feel the need to sparkle, there's a new clothing line sure to check both of those boxes and it doesn't come cheap!

Crystallized SwarovskiCrystallized Swarovski

The Crystallized Swarovski fashion line is a creation at the hands of a group of Japanese fashion designers. This line was recently unveiled in a show in Japan and has all sorts of fashion items, ranging from jackets, footwear and even accessories; all of which are adorned with authentic Swarovski crystals and other synthetic gemstones to give the garments that sparkle and shine that is not often characteristic of a men's clothing line.

Sparkly Men's Fashion LineSparkly Men's Fashion Line

The Crystallized Swarovski line is sure to be popular with those who like to stand out in a crowd - not those elusive men of mystery. But is this an international fashion that just might be too bold of a statement for American men to take on?

Via: Bornrich