CSA Space Refueling Robot Test Successful


Robots can go just about anywhere. If you need proof of that all you need to do is look to the skies. The Canadian Space Agency has recently passed a major test. The agency recently announced that they have made a successful test of a new breed of space dwelling robot, which has been dubbed Dextre by its creator.  The organization has successfully made a test of the bot’s refueling capabilities.

The robot successfully completed a mock test of refueling a mock satellite on the outside of the International Space Station. The mission, dubbed a Robotic Refueling Mission, was the last test of the new technology in this project and a joint operation between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

Well,  a simple “full up” may not sound like a lot to you, after all the odds are good you fill up your gas tank every day. In space however, the issue is much more complex. The agency describes the procedure as follows, "In this latest set of operations, Dextre removed two safety caps, cut through two sets of thin retaining wires, and finally transferred a small quantity of liquid ethanol into the washing machine-sized module. The latter maneuver was particularly tricky, since handling liquids in space required perfect precision to prevent dangerous leaks."

More than a simple fill up, the successful test provides a chance to extend the useful life of satellites in space, saving in the cost of replacements.

Source: CSA
Jan 30, 2013
by Anonymous

Mass produce or some for

Mass produce or some for Commercial Space use
Now heading to Mars is a bit closer or springbase to Moon.