C-String: Sexy Or Scary Lingerie Swimwear For Women

C-StringC-StringAs if it wasn't enough that someone invented the Camel Ammo  to give women a panty line- free fashion experience, there is now the C-String, designed to be worn inside or outside of clothing. Believe me, the C-String is both sexy, and a little bit scary.

The C-String is like a thong without the straps. It provides an element of modest coverage just like the Camel Ammo to avoid occurrences of camel toe, and it stays on with the thong strap that relies only upon the junk in your trunk to stay in place. It's designed to be worn as lingerie/underwear or can be purchased in a set for be worn as swim wear on beaches where modesty is unwelcome. If you intend on wearing one of these, you'd better plan a trip to an aesthetician for a little TLC before hitting the sand, and you might want to avoid the surf unless you really want to put everything on show.

You can check out more images of how this unusual women's underwear functions on the company's website, since some are just too frightening for sensitive eyes.

The C-String promises no panty lines or tan lines, but sex or scary? You tell me. You can find C String at Amazon here.


Oct 10, 2009
by Anonymous

C String

Sorry do not like it for women, poor taste and most likely not legal to wear on the streets,

Oct 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Oh well

Went to the web site, really wanting to buy my girl one. They only have sizes going up to 140 lbs, and my lady is 400. How about some industrial sizes guys!

Nov 2, 2009
by Anonymous


It looks like she put her pantyliner in upside-down, and now it's stuck to her lady-parts.

It also looks uncomfortable.

Nov 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Great for haloween

Just pin a figleaf to it.

Does anyone else think this would be rediculously uncomfortable? Like being given a wedgie with a headband.