CuBox Puts The Power You Need In The Palm Of Your Hand For Cheap

A small, two-person startup from the Israeli town of Yokne’am has proven to the computing world that bigger isn’t always better.

SolidRun, a company started by Arab-Israelis Kossay Omary and Rabeeh Khoury, has recently unveiled its new hand-held computer, CuBox. This miniature PC can literally fit in the palm of your hand, and is commercially available for a mere $45.

CuBox: Source: Teknosrc.comCuBox: Source:

But don’t let images of tablets or smartphone devices creep into your mind – CuBox has almost all of the capabilities of a real computer, and may help further revolutionize the world of portable computers. The founders of SolidRun claim that the Cubox is extremely environmentally friendly, possessing a processor that only requires 3 watts of power. 

Additionally, while it may not be fully compatible with advanced applications, such as Photoshop or other design programs, it can still be used for a variety of different computational functions. The innovative CuBox can be used as a media server or cloud client, and has the processing power and ability to perform these processes like a regular PC.

And developers can rejoice as well – SolidRun also maintains an open-source software development kit for anyone wishing to create their own programs with the new CuBox.

This new iteration of the CuBox is available today, and may signal a new step towards innovators that streamline their products for less waste and more productivity.

Source: NoCamel