Cuddle Up To Me: Growing The Professional Spooning Industry

Remember Samantha Hess, one of the first entreprenurs to get involved in the revolutionary cuddling industry? She's also the one reinventing everything, by taking her startup out of the bedroom and moving it to a more professional environment.

Cuddle Up To Me, the business started by Hess was featured by InventorSpot previously. The first time I wrote about this unique and intimate business, I covered a number of different professional cuddlers in the controversial new industry. Some found success, while others were shut down as a result of implications that more than cuddling was happening during the sessions. While I expected to see cuddling services become a growing market, I also mentioned that professional spooners might try to fly under the radar for some time since the overall concept was labeled a cover for prostitution.

It turns out that my prediction was wrong, as Cuddle Up To Me has put their services out there in a very big way.  Rather than inviting people into her home to get cozy (or going to theirs), which ultimately mixes business and pleasure, Hess decided to move her growing business to a storefront space.

The new setup also provides a safer environment for the original professional cuddler and her newly hired employees to get their snuggle on. The Cuddle Up To Me location has four rooms, and each has a decorative theme. They're equipped with cameras along with typical bedroom luxuries like pillows, comfy bedding and soft lighting. Couches are also in the rooms to provide a variety of options to clients.

Since Cuddle Up To Me was last featured, Hess has clarified the goal of her service - indicating that all touch remains within mother to child parameters - to provide the feeling of unconditional love. Provided the interactions fall under that umbrella and remain non-sexual in nature, there are no guidelines. Cuddling is on the menu in any format a client desires.  But, a session can also be spent reading side-by-side, talking, or engaging in any other peaceful interaction. 

Hess recognizes that it can be lonely for those that aren't in a relationship that allows for non-sexual intimate interactions, so that's what is provided. Her fleet of three (who may be questioned in the future about the unusual job description on their resumes) stick to their boundaries and follow the lead of each individual client. The bond between client and cuddler is enhanced thanks to a mandatory meeting that takes place before touch enters the picture. 

In a year, Cuddle Up To Me has really made a name for itself, and receives an average of 10,000 appointment requests per week since its relaunch on November 15th. Hess is even releasing a book thanks to her first-hand experience with the healing power of touch. We'll be watching to see how the cuddling industry and this front-running venture continue to grow. After all, cuddling and companionship are staples of human existence, so our desire for them certainly won't disappear.

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 Via: Elite Daily      
Images Via: Cuddle Up To Me on Facebook