Cufflink Lighters For The Dapper Gentleman Or Psychotic Pyromaniac

Cufflinks have been known to define a man; it allows them to represent themselves through an accessory that is typically both subtle and classy. Well, not all cufflinks fall into these categories, though they do definitely tell us something about the wearer; particularly these hot items.

Hot Vintage CufflinksHot Vintage Cufflinks

The Vintage Lighter Cufflinks from Etsy are pretty cool. It's the cufflinks themselves that are vintage, from gumball machine dispensers in the 50's, so they don't necessarily fall into the classy category, and the message that they'll send might just cause others to back away in fear as they worry about the potential of combustion at the hand of a pyromaniac.

Lighter CufflinksLighter Cufflinks

Via: Cool Material