The Cuisipro Scoop & Stack Creates Amazing Summer Treats


What is better than cold ice cream on a hot summer day?  Sometimes though, the ice cream is too hard to scoop.  It can be tough to wait, especially for the kids (okay, for me too).  The Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack takes care of this little problem and also helps you to create some unique frozen treats too.



The Scoop & Stack is essentially a plunger that creates cylindrical columns of ice cream.  Besides making it easier to dig into hard ice cream it also produces a unique looking scoop.  The cylindrical shape can be loaded onto a cone; you can even stack a couple of different flavors for a layered look.  If you love ice cream sandwiches this would work well for making those.  You could buy or bake some cookies, plunge a short stack of ice cream on top and top with another cookie.  The sandwiches would look quite professional with the even layer of ice cream on the inside. 



This seems to be a great new gadget to add to the summer kitchen tools.  It looks like you could make some truly impressive looking desserts in a matter of minutes and with very little effort.




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