Cultivating Amazing Design in Urban Silo

There are a lot of websites out there that try to keep on top of all the progress in amazing design, but few are able to organize it in such an engaging manner at Urban Silo . Check out this cool website to find images, advertisements, radio broadcasts and a lot of other interesting media you wish you'd found yourself.













Designed by Jim Elliot, a self-proclaimed hillbilly who grew up "in the sticks of North Carolina," the site is a tribute to Elliot's extensive training. When you thoroughly browse the site, you can see why Elliot, a creative director and writer with Goodby, Silverstein and Partners in San Francisco, has won a number of awards for his amazing design work. Upon first view, the website might seem a bit random, but that's precisely the point:

"[Urban Sila] is a storage facility for work produced in the past, and an incubator for the culturing of future ideas. It's a work-in-progress collection of concepts, campaigns, experience, taste, judgment and, in some cases, 'pure foolishness,' as Momma would say. A nearly 100% organic blend of rural roots, urban insight and, hopefully, zero horse manure. All galvanized, pasteurized and digitized for maximum perusal and pleasure. A place where folks can visit, view my wares and, if the fit seems right, chew the fat about a future project. As a writer and brand-builder by trade and at the risk of seeming a little too big for my own britches, Urban Silo is a barefaced act of self-brandalism. "

Self-brandalism though it may be, this guy has reason to brag. He's pretty good at finding, and even making, the cool design stuff I wish I could, like the image that opens this article from the "print silage" section of his website.  Kudos, Mr. Elliot.


Seth Plattner
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