Cup of Communism With Your Salad? What One Chinese Restaurant Dares To Ask

Asian innovation when it comes to interior design may not always be a good thing – as one Beijing restaurant recently proved. (See China - King of Weird Dining Options ) The restaurant, named Times Gone Past, is themed after revolutionary war heroes and maps documenting their military combat.

Toilet Humor Gone Awry

In a still hotly divided nation when it comes to Communism, Chinese authorities are less than thrilled with the naming of the bathroom area – the “liberation zone.”

Attempting to be an amusing pun between the name which was used for the Communist Party’s regions of captured Japanese soldiers during WWII, and the idea of that liberating feeling you get after a good pee, the sign has caused an uproar not only with government officials, but also with the media and restaurant patrons.

Chinese Restaurant Staff Dressed in Military Uniforms: Source: China DailyChinese Restaurant Staff Dressed in Military Uniforms: Source: China Daily

Why aren’t they seeing the joke? Perhaps it has to do with treating an important revolution in Chinese history with the same amount of consideration a toilet deserves, but who knows. This is, after all, coming from the same country that sports a restaurant where people eat off of (and dig their food out of) faux bodies to give guests the thrill of cannibalism. It’s also the same nation who caused a buzz on the internet recently with a true or false debate regarding their use of STD-infested condom hair bands (see Chinese Take Recycling Too FFar with Used Condom HairBands.)

About To Be Flushed Away

Whatever the reasoning, Times Gone Past restaurant is in a heap of trouble, with local officials saying their bathroom area is a form of inappropriate creativity and constituting of a “malicious satire detrimental to culture.” Ouch. Someone has their chopsticks up their….oh never mind.
Intrigued? Check out this restaurant while you still can, as it is likely their innovation will change into renovation in the near future.

Source: Yahoo! News

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