Cup Noodle Style Finnish Salmon Soup Warms Up A Japanese Winter

The newest addition to Acecook's “AIR ACE” line of traditional world foods is Finnish Salmon Soup, said to “warm both body and mind” and to be the perfect winter soup with an addictive, sweet taste.

The soup, which will officially be released on January 17th of 2011, joins Vietnamese Pho and South Africa Curry soups on Acecook's AIR ACE roster as the company seeks to bring classic soups from around the world home to Japanese dinner tables.

The main appeal of AIR ACE Finnish Salmon Soup is that it's made with natural ingredients that should satisfy the expectations of the average Japanese palate.

The soup contains – besides chunks of salmon - fragrant herbs including dill, chicken extract, potato and onion. The overall impression is said to be a rich, slightly sweet soup redolent with the aroma of herbs.

Each container of AIR ACE Finnish Salmon Soup weighs just 21 grams before the addition of hot water, Cup Noodle style, and pricing is set at 170 yen or around $2.00 before tax. (via Japan Today, Acecook and Hannoah)