Cupidtino, Apple's Social Networking iJoke?

Could Dell, Kindle or Android ever pull this off? Apple aficionados have such an affinity for the company's products, an Apple dating service will launch next month to match up like-minded Machearts. Is it true that those that own iPhone, MacPros, iPods and iPads are all cut from the same cloth? So says Apple's Cupidtino Web site  - “Diehard Mac and Apple fans often have a lot in common – personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, and of course a love of technology.”

At first blush, one might think this was a practical joke volleyed at Apple by Gizmodo for having the cops breaking and entering their Editor's house last month.  Maybe it is. But at this moment in time the blogosphere is slinging barbs and quips faster than Conan O'Brien before he lost his job.

In an attempt to help like-minded Apple geeks to find the Mac Lover of their dreams, Flavorwire's think-tank came up with 25 pickup lines. The best of which are as follows:
  • “Forget phone sex. Have you ever had iPhone sex?”
  • “Touch pads always put me in the mood.”
  • “I have designs on your graphics.”
  • “I bet you know just what to do with a girl’s click wheel.”
  • “I like my men like I like my MacBooks: smooth, white, and easy to carry around.”
  • “Baby, I’m all the AppleCare you’ll ever need.”
  • “I can go all night without getting Microsoft.”

Michael ArringtonMichael ArringtonMichael Arrington at TechCrunch while hesitating to write anything on this topic, ends "Oh God No…" with…

"Apple fans can be annoying when they’re on their own. The thought of them breeding and creating little Apple fans, a whole family of hard core hipster Apple lovers, is just not a good thing. On the other hand, making sure that Apple fans only date other Apple fans is a good way of stopping them from spreading their Apple fan genes to the general population, I guess. So maybe this site isn’t all bad."

Ian MorrisIan MorrisIan Morris at CNET UK waxes poetic about MacNerds and their visceral attraction to each other:

"Hollywood teaches us that geeks aren't supposed to find love. Nerds are supposed to live in their parent's basement, reek of Mountain Dew, sweat and failure, and play World of Warcraft until they die in a puddle of their own bodily fluids, aged 35, from complications arising from diabetes. But Hollywood forgets that Apple fans are a different breed of geek -- they're faster, stronger, prettier and, crucially, less likely to have developed a gaming addiction."

The creators describe themselves as " 3 geeks (2 developers and a designer) with backgrounds at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! We’re based in San Francisco and obsessed with our Apple gadgets (we have them all!)." The beta launch is in June. If your a fanboy or fangirl, I would suggest you head over and register, less you don't get first dibbs on the iSweeties and iHunks that are already queuing up at Apple Stores trying out their best moves and pick-up lines at the Genius Bar.

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Aug 9, 2010
by Anonymous

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