Cuppow BNTO Turns Your Extra Canning Jars Into Handy Lunchboxes


In our quest to lead healthier lives, many people have found creative new lunch options to pack for work or school. Rather than bringing the typical brown bag lunch of a sandwich and pudding cup or bag of chips, people are putting together a range of nutritious meals-on-the-go. A quick Pinterest search for healthy packed lunches reveals a variety of salads, quinoa bowls, yogurt/granola bowls, soups, etc. While this move toward wholesome eating on the run is a positive one, it’s not without its challenges. The biggest one is that, unlike the trusty sandwich, most of this stuff can’t just be thrown in a baggie. This is where the Cuppow BNTO comes in.



There are plenty of fancy containers you can purchase to pack all the dressings, dips and various other ingredients that go into your healthy meals, but these cool containers often come with a hefty price tag. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just modify a container you already have lying around the house? This is what the clever people at Cuppow have come up with. The BNTO is a canning jar adaptor that turns any wide mouth canning jar into a two compartment lunch box. You simply put your salad, yogurt, quinoa, etc. on the bottom of your jar, drop in the BNTO and place your dressing, dip or whatever else you want to keep separate on top. Then you put on the regular canning jar lid and you’re off.



The BNTO is convenient, durable and reduces the need for extra containers, therefore, reducing our footprint. The products are also made from recycled materials and are BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free. They come in an array of fun colors and require far less cupboard space than regular lunchboxes. To see what others are saying about Cuppow BNTO or to buy, click here.


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