Curry Restaurant Background Music CDs Are So Hot Right Now

Opening up a curry restaurant in Japan? Unless you've already arranged for a house band to soothe diners ears while your food sears their palates, you'll want to invest in JVC Music's series of Indian Curry Music BGM (background music) CDs.

Since the initial Indian Curry Music CD either proved to be unexpectedly popular or was bought by almost every curry restaurant in Japan, or both, the line has been expanded to include subsequent CDs subtitled Extra Hot, Instrumental, The Road To Maharaja, and Woman (Beautiful Hot).

The latter features beautiful hot women uttering shrill yet melodic vocalizations set to sitar-infused jams by of some of India's hottest (appropriately) entertainers. Erm, you probably guessed that on your own but whatever. 

There's also a video music DVD available (right) that features some of the greatest hits of Indian Curry Music in music video format. Try to imagine the opening scene of The Sound Of Music after subbing out Julie Andrews and the Alps for a sari-clad whirling dervish dancing amid exotic vistas of the Himalayan foothills... or if you can't, just click here for a tantalizing sample.

Anyway, one might imagine the need for these Indian Curry Music BGM CDs goes beyond the needs of restaurants serving South Asian delicacies – which may or may not include curry. Got a sari shop or opening a yoga class?

Maybe you just aspire to ape Thora Birch in Enid mode, rockin' the room to the song stylings of Ted Lyons and his Cubs. If so, order today... or ask Seymour if you can borrow one or two of his. (via YouPouch