Curry Hand Grenade Quite A Spicy Weapon

I love curry.  Thai and Indian food rate at the top of my list (just under pizza-which I know is only one item... but it's so versatile!) of deliciousness.  My friend Tom makes the best Curried Goat I've ever had.  No kidding.  Try Curried Goat sometime; you'll be surprised.

But, I'm getting off topic...

India has developed a bomb that holds curry as it's major ingredient.

BOOM!  And no, this is not the grenade.  This is the yummy part INSIDE of the grenade.BOOM! And no, this is not the grenade. This is the yummy part INSIDE of the grenade.

Definitely a use for this spice that I don't want to put in my mouth.

What we have here is an 81mm grenade loaded with deliciousness... and phosphorus.  Not that appetizing.  But effective.  It would be hot.  Not just because it explodes, but because this form of curry has hot chili peppers in it.

The goal is to choke the bad guy's respiratory system, while also creating a smoke screen to hamper any snipers.

Neat idea-and ouch.  That would really suck.

I suspect that I would eat only mild foods... mashed potatoes, pasta with butter, Jell-O, stuff like that... for about a week after being nailed with something like this.

But my love for curry is quite strong.

I would overcome it.  Oh, yes.  I would...

SOURCE: Telegraph Media Group

Some good curry can be found at Bonbon Sweets.

May 26, 2009
by Anonymous

Must for PD forces alone

Ideal for PD use & apps for:
Spec Forces
Prison Security forces
Pvt Security
US Army.
US Marine Corp.
Police forces nationwide, worldwide.

I know curry can be strong mixed in foods.
Straight curry grenades can outdo TASERs, Mace, Pepper spray OR
mix with Pepper Spray alone.

Bad Guy is Down for the cuffing.

No more Rodney Kings, 1991.

Unless suspect on PCP etc & stuff has NO effect.

Test during a prison riot.

Test in Iraq.