Curses Borad Game Aims To Be Funny As $#%&

From game designer Brian Tinsman comesthe game of Curses, where laughter is the best the best medicine andhaving a spell cast over you might just be the funniest thing you’veever seen.

Curses is a fairly straightforward game– one that involves no tokens, points or strategy to win, just anability to make a fool of yourself and remember some absolutelyludicrous rules. The goal is to have fun during the game, laughing atyour opponents and yourself, and this is accomplished through thegame’s two core mechanics – challenges and curses.

To start the game, a player must turnover and complete a challenge card. The challenges will often besimple and to the point, something to the effect of “arrest theplayer to your right” or “take everyone’s order as though at arestaurant”. So long as the player with the challenge at leastmakes an effort to complete it, they get the ability to assign acurse card to a player of their choice, and that player must take thecard and perform whatever command it holds – for the rest of thegame.

Curse cards can have players talkinglike pirates, never using their fingers or keeping their elbowsstraight at all times, and all subsequent challenges must be carriedout while obeying the rules laid down by the curse cards. If a playeris observed not following the dictates of all of their curses a bellis rung and they have to turn over one of their curse cards, losingthe card’s effects but putting them one step closer to being out ofthe game. Once three curses have been broken a player is no longereligible to do challenges but can still participate as a focus ofchallenges or curses – one in particular has the cursed personacting as though they are electrocuted every time they are touched.

The idea of the game is to be a barrelof laughs without being competitive and by all accounts it deliverswell. Despite the name, Curses manages to deliver good, clean fun.

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