Custom Cameo Corsets: Creepy Works of Art

 Corsets really seem archaic torture, reminiscent of a scene from Gone With The Wind depicting Scarlett O'Hara hanging onto the canopied bedpost while slave, Mammy, attempts to lace her down to an 18-inch waist. But like all things fashion, that big 'barrel of apparel' gets turned upside down eternally until everything once  trendy rears its head or other relevant body part. Enter (or should we say, re-enter) the corset, ala edgy, geek-chic and unique!


Victorian Skull  Cameo Corset: Source: Pinterest.comVictorian Skull Cameo Corset: Source:


The magic touch of Louise Black

Making corsets is an almost forgotten art, brought to life via the magical vision and golden hands of an extremely talented Dallas-based designer and artist. Louise Black specializes in gorgeous corsets made to order for specific body measurements. She has been designing corsets since 2000. All of her pieces are sewn in-house with fine detail work stitched by hand.


Naughty Velvet Tuvedo Corset: Source: Etsy.comNaughty Velvet Tuvedo Corset: Source:


Her unique designs

Louise Black has made many corsets in her lifetime, but three separate styles stand out. Naughty Velvet, All-Seeing Eye and Victorian Skull Cameo  represent some of her edgiest designs. They evoke  a softer era long faded into time splashed with an element of the bizarre. Most of her undergarments sell for under $200 .per pece.

Corset design and effectiveness

The secret to an effective corset lies in its custom design. It is meant to fit snugly and comfortably, like a glove, and it is a unique fit to the body of one  woman and one woman alone.To be effective, a corset must fit not only around the bust area but also in the length because it is the fatty tissue around the waist that is the target area.


The All-Seeing Eye Corset: Source: Etsy.comThe All-Seeing Eye Corset: Source:


The phenomenon of the smaller waist  is achieved by lacing the corset, which squshes the fat downward into the abdomen where it lies in silent wait tuntil the undergarment is unlaced. Then it returns to original home until the next time the corset is worn (and/or the weight is lost or redistributed). The enforced posture takes some getting used to, and Victorian women learned not tot ry to lace up too tightly or too quickly. Bending is difficult with a corset and should not be attempted unless in the company of a responsible adult.

How are these amazing corsets made?

These one-of-a-kind corsets are constructed from seven panels of thick cotton twill canvas that are reinforced with yet another canvas layer which renders unbelievable cinching power. They are lined in a comfortable  toile canvas. Steel boning is embedded throughout, which is guaranteed to take a few inches off the waist and render a "waspy, hour-glass appearance."

Will corsets make a comeback?

Corsets are like most things in life in the sense that they are best used in moderation. Persistent claims that they permanently reshape the body, crush internal organs and can cause serious compression can also be said of some modern clothing. Have you ever seen the muffin top that develops when a woman consistently wears snug low-rise jeans? The redistribution of fatty tissue is not harmful unless it hinders digestion and blood flow.

Proceed, however, at your own risk.


Closing thoughts on corsets:

To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly. ~ Anna Held

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