A Custom Chopper With Bucket Seats

Even though trikes are fairly popular, not too many of them are seen on the road. Hopefully, the production of the Cirbin V13R will change that.

The V13R was originally introduced at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) last year, but production is set to start very soon. The roadster-meets-trike is powered by a 1250cc v-twin borrowed from the Harley Davidson V-Rod. Power goes through a 5-speed sequential transmission to the rear wheel.

The low stance and light weight should provide a pretty good feeling through the corners while the potent HD engine can give you a nice rush via your right foot. The body is fiberglass and the chassis is welded tubular steel with a heavier impact zone in the front.

It comes with a full lighting system including headlights with high and low-beams and daytime running lights, turn signals, brake lights and reverse indicators. Everything is easily control from your bucket seat positioned in front of the motor. You even have some cargo space in the front.

The price for this little hot-rod is set at $39,995.

From : Cirbin Homepage