Enjoy Designing Your Cat's New 'Scratch Tower'

We've featured cat scratching posts of all kinds, but this is the first one you can put together in so many different patterns.  Moderncat Studio has created a unique scratching post using corrugated cardboard vertically on a standing base, when it is usually reserved for horizontal scratchers.  Plus, the Scratch Tower offers lots of design possibilities to intrigue you and your cat.



Moderncat Studio Scratch Tower: ©Moderncat StudioModerncat Studio Scratch Tower: ©Moderncat Studio


The 19.5 inch Scratch Tower can be outfitted with one of two styles of cardboard, Triangle or Trio.  Each style can make a variety of patterns.


Triangle Scratch Tower: ©Moderncat StudioTriangle Scratch Tower: ©Moderncat Studio


Trio Scratch Tower: ©Moderncat StudioTrio Scratch Tower: ©Moderncat Studio


There are no adhesives used in the cardboard; it is compression pressed. The stand is made of compressed board with a laminate finish, and it has a non-skid bottom.  The Scratch Tower is handmade in the U.S.  When ordering, pick the pattern of your cardboard and the color of the ball top (red or black).

Available from ModernCat Studio

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Jun 2, 2010
by Anonymous

How much & where!

Where, how much & when, is it in the markets now.

My cat stil claws at chairs etc.

Sometimes his clawing post.