Custom Email Signatures to Support Your Presidential Candidate

As the United States Presidential Election draws nearer, it's your last chance to get in every ounce of endorsement for your favorite political candidate or party and what better way to do it than through email? Email Widgets, based in Vienna, Austria may be across the planet but that didn't stop them from creating an opportunity for profit. The mark of a true entrepreneur is to look at highly publicized social issues and turn them into successful business opportunities.


CEO Sebastian Philipp, put the obvious together by combining a public cause that dominates the media with the most common form of modern communication. You can log on to their site and pledge your allegiance to the camp of your choosing (McCain or Obama what will it be?). What do you get in return? You can select any one of the visually appealing signature banners and then customize it with your business or personal contact details. What better way to announce your political support to the world than when sending business communications, confirming dinner plans with friends or reminding your husband to mail those legal documents? It's a classy yet in your face way to get your electoral message across.


Now I won't mislead you any longer, Email Widgets provides its custom election email signatures for FREE. And not to be cynical but I have to think that there must be a profit to be had somewhere. Why else would a company, that is clearly European, make it their personal vendetta to help American's promote their Presidential electoral choices? Could it be that the founders just felt so strongly about political expression, that they had to do their part? It is always possible, and there are no telltale signs of monetary gain visible on the website which is free from advertisements. No one ever said you had to have a million dollar concept to become an entrepreneur; all you need is a great idea and the drive to achieve it after all.


Have your own fantastic business idea to help the electoral process? With Election Day now within arm's reach, you have 4 years until your plan needs to be developed and launched. So get ready, and you could be on the next Presidential campaign trail (figuratively of course).


Want to learn more about Email Widgets' custom email signatures for Presidential candidate support? Check them out quickly before Election Day rolls around, and they move on to their next big business concept.





Nov 3, 2008
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture

My MIL would love this.

My MIL would love this. Good thing she didn't know about it or we would all have been slammed with emails one right after another. I have to admitt I like the idea too, but I'd like it more if it wasn't so "in your face"

Nov 3, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Beth Graddon-Hodgson's picture

 Thanks for your comment

 Thanks for your comment Gloria.

I have to say I like that it's slightly more subtle then the t-shirt trend (especially with celebrities in the media)..and at least email signatures don't require laundering!

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer