Dry Erase, Talkin’ Crazy Sneakers By Reebok: Coolest Shoe Of 2009?

Talkin' Crazy by Reebok is an innovative basketball shoe. But what makes them unique has nothing to do with the shoe's technology or performance abilities; and everything to do with the interesting material they're made of and what this means to their wearers. Talkin' Crazy basketball shoes are made out of a dry-erase surface, so that players wearing the sneakers can deliver non-verbal messages to their competition while floating up at the boards for their game-winning slam dunk.

Basketball players wearing the game's footwear have often used their shoes to make a statement by writing messages on them. However, when using a permanent marker on a leather surface, the writing and graphics on the shoes are forever engrained on the footwear. This can be especially embarrassing if one year a basketball fan has announced their love for the Knicks on their footwear and then revokes their support in favor of the Lakers. Basketball fans would then be forced to live with the messages on their basketball shoes, or invest in a new pair; that is until the arrival of Talking' Crazy basketball shoes.

Reebok's Talkin' Crazy basketball shoes boast a mid-cut design, with a herringbone outsole and removable sock liner. At $79.99 USD for the adult design, the unique sneakers are available exclusively at Champ Sports, and are also available in children's shoe sizes. These innovative basketball sneakers help youth with self-expression, without committing their message to permanence, and can also allow wearers to incorporate their own unique designs by applying graphics with dry-erase markers and incorporating various colors onto the shoe.

Reebok's Talkin' Crazy basketball shoe is a perfect example of customizable fashion that makes a statement while serving its fundamental purpose with its high-performance design. How would you customize your favorite shoe?

Via: Springwise

Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous

cool shoes

Wow, I love this product, this is a great idea. I have played basketball my whole life and this is one way to trash talk your opponent or get your team psyched up, thanks for the article.