Customer Returns 3-Legged Duck, Didn't Check the Bill

The world wide web just got a bit wackier... one “w” worth, at least. Reports emanating from the town of Nan'an in China's Fujian Province indicate a certain chicken and duck shop is complicit in a web of conspiracy to give customers more meat than they bargain for. In China, you must understand, this isn't exactly the bonus it seems.

While it's nice to find an extra banana in the bunch or a double-yolked egg, superfluous parts on higher-evolved foods are, well, just wrong. No matter that a 3-legged duck (above, right) means more dark meat to go around. According to trader and market owner Chen Xiantong (above, left), neither he nor his initially satisfied customer noticed anything amiss when the buyer walked off with his potential dinner. An hour later he was back... and not because he was hungry again. Nope, what was on his menu was a full refund.

According to Chen, “He said the duck was too weird with its extra leg, and he feared it may be harmful to health.” This coming from a guy who eats regularly in China, but no matter. Chen, a savvy businessman who knows the customer's always right, quickly replaced the tri-webbed quacker with a more symmetrical specimen.

And that's where the story ends... NOT! I mentioned Chen being a stand-up dude who knows his business, and he's now proving it. States Chen, “I now keep the duck in the shop and people come in just to see it so it has actually been good for my business.” Kind of like a living pawnshop sign, one imagines.

Oh, and there's more. Enter the dragon, er, Todd Ray (right), a Los Angeles resident who runs the Venice Beach Freakshow. Ray is said to own the largest collection of bizarre animals in the world, including 22 living two-headed animals and a five-legged dog (which we assume has only one head). Chen's "" would fit right in, sort of like Rudolf and Hermey at the Island of Misfit Toys.

It's not known whether Ray will get his butt to Nan'an in time to acquire the malformed mallard but I'm guessing Chen Xiantong's eagerly waiting to give him the duck... and the bill. (via Global Times and Huffington Post, Todd Ray photo via P.S.Zollo)