Customer Service By Johnny The Bagger & TaxiTerry

Once in great while you learn how a simple act of service can bypass the brain and go straight to the heart. Did you ever think that a bagger with a 'thought for the day' or a cab driver with a 'database' could help build customer loyalty! Watch these videos and you will come to understand how a simple idea can have far-reaching ramifications. 

Johnny the BaggerJohnny the BaggerJohnny the Bagger is an unforgettable true story about a young man with Down Syndrome who changes the culture of a grocery store by being creative and giving the customers more than they expect. Bestselling authors Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz have written a book entitled, "The Simple Truths of Service," that any company can use to reshape its culture around servicing the customer, and the story about Johnny is just one of them. This video will tug at your heartstrings and perhaps will even get your creative juices flowing in ways to better your company or organization.

Business leader and #1 bestselling author Scott McKain speaks to a national sales audience of top retailers and shares insights gleaned from an experience with a one-of-a-kind cab driver, called "TaxiTerry."  Changing up the game of what a cab ride experience should entail, Terry not only keeps a database of all his customers, he also maintains a website and Facebook page that provides you with more information about his value-added services. The next time you're flying into Florida, you might want to contact TaxiTerry in advance of your pick-up or drop off at the Jacksonville International Airport.

Like ripples in a pond, one's stone's throw can often reach the border's edge. Innovative customer service is all about a building a culture that provides the customer with more than they expect. And thanks to Johnny the Bagger and TaxiTerry, it also helps restores our faith in human nature.



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Jun 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Must expand this venue

Same applies for:
limo driver
bus driver
light RR driver
party planner
roving customer service IE SCE Techs,IT techs, etc.
airline personnel
& more

Huge Dbase alone.

Need more Taxi Terrys alone.
Make NYC more Fun.

& that bagger kid.

Expand, expand, Go Beyond the Norm.
Reach Out & touch 1M lives