Cut Down On Messy Toddler Spills With The Beaba Babypote


My three year old is a snacker.  She loves to nibble all day long.  She also loves to follow me all around the house as I go about my daily activities.  I have found this habit to be rather disastrous as she has a tendency to leave a trail of food behind her – handy for finding your way back through the forest, not so handy inside the house.  Due to this I have taken to giving her the least messy snacks I can find.  Unfortunately, her favorite treats are of the messy variety (things like yogurt and pudding) and can only be consumed in the kitchen.
The Beaba Babypote is a special container that may help resolve this snack dilemma though.  This ultra squeezable silicone container has a snap on top that allows for easy filling and a lid for taking it along on outings.  Parents can put yogurt, pudding, fruit purees, etc. into the Babypote, pop on the top and give them to their preschoolers.  While it surely won’t completely eliminate the spills, it has got to be better than allowing them to run around with an open container and a spoon.  Maybe we can even take yogurt on the road with this one!

Of course, the Babypote is dishwasher safe and BPA free.  You can get the Babypote here.   



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