Cute Bear Boot Clip Corrals Footloose Winter Footwear

Winter weather is here and boots are what you want to wear! Boots, especially tall leather ones, pose a few upkeep problems however. Nothing ruins a good pair of boots quicker than the ugly crease that forms when stored boots flop over. This cute character clip solves that problem and adds a couple of other benefits along the way.

Sold at Taobao, China's largest Internet mall, the boot clip comes in a choice of two Rilakkuma characters (tan and white), and also a big-eyed black cat version. Simply line up your boots, snap the clip over the two adjoining top boot edges, and voila: your boots stand loud & proud!

You can also apply the boot clip after arriving at a party or large gathering where many pairs of boots sit near the doorway. Your clip acts as an easy to see identifier that allows you to pick out your boots from the crowd at a single glance.

The cute character boot clip comes with an integral ball chain so you can tote it along, attached to your purse, backpack or belt loop. It measures 12 by 10 by 8cm (around 4.8 by 4 by 3.2 inches) and they cost 59 Chinese yuan or about $10 each.