Cute Charging Station Is A Mini Field Of Dreams

"If you build it, they will come"... or so hopes Kikkerland, maker of this innovative charging station that takes "going green" to a whole new level.

Mobile phones, media players, digital cameras and members of the iPod family will all find a soft, soothing and serene place to recharge their batteries once the 11" x 7" x 4.35" charging station is assembled and topped with its inviting grassy field. You should be so lucky!

Kikkerland touts this miniature meadow as a great way to "hide messy cords", and the design does just that. A small opening on the bottom of one side allows the user to snake charging cords up through the artificial grass mat from beneath.

The lush leaves disguise the connectors so it appears your portable electronic devices are merely enjoying a siesta, or some choice grazing time with friends.

The polypropylene plastic charging station comes in your choice of black or white, and can be purchased online at Rakuten for 3,150 yen or around $34.50 tax included. Savvy shoppers may also find it offered at for significantly cheaper. Miniature cows, giraffes or members of the 1919 Black Sox not included, though they are recommended. (via Impress Watch)

Update: This charging station is also available in the U.S. (See charging station.)

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May 13, 2011
by Anonymous

Rediculous price for a "charger station"

There's no cord included.... no surge protector. Nothing but a plastic tray and grass. Might have cost $1 to make. Purchasing a cord to use it will cost as much as the box. I'll wait till someone designs one that's self contained and doesn't make me feel like a sucker.