Cute Coin Bank Plays Cat & Mouse With Your Loose Change

The Sutakora Coin Bank is the latest entry in Japan's seemingly never-ending lineup of popular coin savings banks. Economic woes or not, Japanese love to save and evidently they're not the only ones. Here's a short video showing the Sutakora Coin Bank in action:

As you can see, the bank is activated by putting a coin into the mouse's cart. All the poor kitty can do is reach out a paw, meow, and watch as the mouse makes off with the coin - to a snappy tune, no less! The mouse and his now-empty cart soon reappear with the mouse emitting a “squeak-squeak” in triumph... much like Nelson Muntz of The Simpsons' classic “Ha-Ha!”

One wonders, though, is the mouse really stealing the cat's coin or is he employed by the cat? If it's the latter, we bet he gets paid peanuts... well, maybe cheese. The Sutakora Coin Bank comes in two styles: American Shorthair and White Kitty. Each bank measures 12.4cm by 13.9cm by 13.9cm (4.96" by 5.56" by 5.56") and runs on two AA batteries. (via Japan Trend Shop)


Mar 16, 2011
by Anonymous

sutakora coin bank

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