Cute “Cooffee” Cup & Saucer Combo Cheers Up Your Morning

The “Cooffee” cup & saucer combo by Tokyo-based and Finnish-inspired design house Minä Perhonen evokes the perky personality of a bobbing bird while cleverly containing your morning cuppa java. Credit in-house creative force Hasami Nagasaki with dreaming up this tempest in a tweet-cup.

Known more for seasonal clothing collections sold both online and out of the brand's signature shop in Tokyo's Minato ward, Minä Perhonen occasionally extends their vision to other objects that take flight from the utilitarian to become something inspirational. It's no wonder the designer chose the name Minä Perhonen for the brand in 2003: in Finnish, "minä" means "I" and "perhonen" means "butterfly." 

With Cooffee, a fine China 140ml-capacity cup and turned solid Oak saucer metamorphose into a puffin-like, orange-beaked bird that loses nothing in the way of practicality – an important consideration when all you really can think about is that first morning cup of percolated liquid heaven!     

Got room for a Cooffee or two in your own personal nest? They'll run you a cool 6,825 yen (about $80) each, and like most things in life they just look better in pairs. (via White Rabbit Express)