Cute Necono Digital Cat Camera Makes Everyone Smile

It's a cat, it's a camera, it's the Necono Digital Cat Camera from Superheadz! This cute yet fully functional photographer's friend will make your subjects smile without having to say “cheese”.

Designed by Lisa Larson of Sweden and marketed by Japanese pop culture product retailer Superheadz, the Necono (“neko” is Japanese for “cat”) digital cat camera illustrates the new direction camera-makers are taking in response to pressure from camera-equipped iPhones and smartphones. In a nutshell, digital cameras must offer the user more than just the ability to take photos. The Necono Digital Cat Camera offers a cute, appealing package that doesn't sacrifice function for form. As Superheadz' copy sez, “No longer a camera, more like a pet.”

Lisa Larson's artistic design manages to stealthily squeeze a surprisingly varied array of photographic tools into a 10cm by 3cm (4” by 1.2”) space shaped like a stylized cat. Take the cat's eyes, for instance: they're not there just for show. The Necono Digital Cat Camera features a lens in one eye and a self-timer LED sensor in the other. The mouth conceals a microphone.

On the back, a single status diode stands out from the otherwise unmarked body. The diode shines green for still capture, blue for movie mode, blue & green for interval mode and orange for self-timer mode. On top of the body, back near the tail are flush buttons that allow the user to operate the shutter, select the mode and select functions.

Underneath, magnets on each foot allow the user to securely position the camera on magnetic surfaces when using the self-timer. There's also a power button, reset button, a hole for a carrying strap and a covered slot for the USB port, AV-out and microSD card. Simply connect the Necono Digital Cat Camera to your PC or laptop to upload your pictures.

The Necono Digital Cat Camera comes in your choice of Striped Cat, Lucky Black or Wonderful White. In addition, Superheadz has created a number of accessories to help expand your enjoyment of this unique and interesting camera, such as a matching soft camera bag and a “monitor ground” that features a viewing screen to help you capture the best image possible. Shop around for convenient availability and the best price, which can range from $129.95 at up to $179.95, accessories and shipping extra. 

Source: Superheadz  and Amazon (via AC Gears and Holga Direct).


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