Cute Travel AC Adapter Charges Your iPod / iPhone From Home or Hotel Outlets

All right, I know your iPhone, Ipod or iWhatever already comes with an AC adapter but Elecom has come up with a way to improve it, whether you like it or not. What's more, their iPod/iPhone 100V AC Charger doesn't charge your device any quicker than a stock AC adapter would - it doesn't even come with a USB connector cable. Those things are besides the point: this cube is cute!

I will give Elecom props for making their charger smaller and more portable than a stock adapter; the cube measures about 1.5" per side and has no sharp, pokey bits to fray handbag linings. Yes, handbags... Elecom's iPod/iPhone 100V AC Charger appears to be aimed directly at Japan's young, tech-savvy, female market.

Now any feminists or regular non-Japanese type ladies reading this review shouldn't get their knickers in a twist, like it or not things are a little different in Japan.

Young women there revel in the Cult of Cute - Hello Kitty, decorative bling on every thing, and everything possible pink and/or with a smiley face. In these respects, Elecom's cute li'l charger does not disappoint.

Choose from white, black, pink or "special" (the smiley face)... not sure why one can't order a pink charger WITH a smiley face but I'm sure demand will soon make it possible.

Elecom's iPod/iPhone 100V AC Charger sells for 2,550 yen (about $29.00) and potential buyers should keep in mind it's designed to work on Japan's 100V electrical standard. Frying the device - and your iPhone - wouldn't be cute at all. (via Geek Stuff 4 U)

Jul 12, 2010
by Anonymous

RE:Laptop PSU standard in the works

Thank you very much!
I got it. It is really nice!
And I want another one for one of my friends.