7 Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Gadget-Loving Crush

Finding that perfect Valentine's Day gift can be quite a hassle.  All to often, our girlfriends end up getting something that satisfies their desire to give something "cute" but really fails to satisfy the guys need for something  "cool".

So, that is why I decided to create this helpful list of  some Valentine's Day gift ideas that can satisfy the need for giving something "cute" but that also can satisfy our need to get something "cool" and perhaps even useful in satisfying the inner geek in most of us guys.  Check out some of these finds! 

Cute Valentine's Gift Idea 1. Heart Shaped Mouse

This cutesy little mouse lights up with USB power and makes the end user feel warm and fuzzy with its classic romantic shape.  Perfect for the guy who needs his Valentine's gifts to be practical and technological, and great for the girl who needs all of her accessories to scream, "Aw!", this is an inexpensive purchase that is good for any romantic internet surfer. (Update: No longer available. Try a heart light mug instead.)


Cute Valentine's Gift Idea 2. Proximity-Sensing T-Shirt

This pair of his-and-her T-shirts knows when the couple is getting close together, and lets everyone know by displaying a cute little "locked on" display message.  It works just as well if you're trying to avoid each other, but, come on; it's Valentine's Day.  Get a little closer and make those shirts do their job!  (Update: No longer available. Other LED t-shirts here.)

Cute Valentine's Gift Idea 3. Lovers' Matching MP3 Players


These interlocking MP3 players will ensure that a couple will enjoy the convenience of portable music media, as well as each other's company.  After all, if two gadgets are really made for each other, they should never be charged alone.(Update: No longer available.)


Cute Valentine's Gift Idea 4. Lego Rose

Roses are red, until they turn brown.  With this simple-to-build and inexpensive Lego set, you can say, "I love you" all year around, and show how creative (read: "good at reading instructions") you are.  This gift is a great way to show that you want to build a lasting relationship, plastic brick by plastic brick.(Buy here)


Cute Valentine's Gift Idea 5. Geek Lovin' Tees

Similar to the Proximity T-shirts, this pair actually uses a set of glowing pixelated hearts to indicate how close a couple is to each other.  We love the name, but you'll love the reaction of your significant other when they realize they've got a full burnin' set of hearts on their chest. (Update: No longer available.Other LED t-shirts here.)


Cute Valentine's Gift Idea 6.  A Geek's Labor of Love

For the man who is more of a circuit board engineer, consider this startup kit to build a flashing LED pulsing heart.  Just think -- this is like your realtionship.  It's going to require a lot of focus and attention and he won't be satisfied until he gets it just right.   Careful, though.  This set requires you to prepare hot sodder and apply it.  Steamy! (Buy here)


Cute Valentine's Gift Idea  7. USB Plasma Heart

You don't necessarily have to be a gadget nerd to love this plasma display.  You could just be a hippy.  But, the added feature of being USB-powered makes this hypnotic heart one for the computer lovers.  Plug it in and see which one of you gets more glow! (Buy here)

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Looking over this list of cute Valentine's Day gift ideas, I wonder if some of these are still too much on the "cute" side and not enough on the "cool" useful gadget side. What do you think? Have any better ideas?


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Feb 11, 2010
by Anonymous


I love the heart shaped mouse and the interlocking mp3 players! My boyfriend and I usually make each other wishlists of things we want for holidays like this and I've been kind of slacking on mine for Valentine's Day so I think I will beef it up a little with those two things! Thanks for the help!

Jun 29, 2010
by Anonymous


These are the great ideas.i specially like the Usb plasma heart

Jan 26, 2011
by Anonymous

Fan of Proximity T-Shirts

I like the whole Proximity TShirts, very cute, especially if you and your significant other are into nerdy gift ideas like I am. I bought my boyfriend a T-Shirt last year that he only wore once and that was on Valentine's Day so this year, I am going to buy him the Logitech Revue. I work and subscribe to DISH Network so it's only $179 which is cheaper than the $299 MSRP price if you go anywhere but DISH. I told him about it and he is definitely a fan of it. I'm so scared he's going to secretly buy it before I can get it for him, but if my plan works out, he will definitely be browsing the internet and watching ESPN SportsCenter on the same TV on 2/14/11!