All-Time Absolutely Cutest Ad Ever?

Most people find babies to be the cutest things on the planet.  I can agree with this... sort of.

Animal babies?  Well, shucks.  They're just plain adorable:

Poor little guy... He's soooo cute.  You just want to reach out and give him a noogie.  And help him up, of course.

But human babies kind'a scare me.  Partially it's because they are so frail.  I have no children myself, but from what I can gather a kid can take quite a tumble and still be fine - whereas an adult would break their collar bone or some such.

But I don't buy that idea.  I'm afraid to hold a baby.  I'm clumsy and somewhat twitchy.  I'm afraid of dropping the tiny human.

That being said, I'm gonna angle for a more humorous look at the tiny ones.  Why are they scary?  I think it's because of the potential locked inside their little noggins.

If some mad scientist took over a hospital and decided to mess with all of the newborns... well, we might get this:

Gangs of rollerblading babies attacking innocent older people such as myself... kind'a like Mad Max, but with toddlers.  Scary.  But insanely cute!

All kidding aside, this ad campaign from Evian is quite an eye-catcher.  The product is put in the background, primarily just popping name brand recognition up in between extensive shots of crazy babies shooting all over the screen.

The following video shows (in very brief snippets) how this commercial was made - from the casting of each baby to the computer-generated baby bodies and location filming.

Looks like a lot of work, eh?  It would be very interesting to see a fully realized documentary covering the making of this ad.  Until then, this news piece from New Zealand provides a slightly more in-depth look at the skate choreography.

At least we don't have to worry about genetically enhanced skating babies attacking us anytime too soon.  Thank God for CG...
Feb 12, 2010
by Anonymous