Cut The Hassle With Uncle Norman's 4-In-1 Pet Sponge

It's a hassle to bathe your pet at home, even if he's only teacup size. Not all dogs, and no cats that I know of, enjoy being bathed. Most of them don't just sit still while you wet, shampoo, rinse, rinse again, condition, rinse, etcetera. They squirm and cry and shudder, and make you believe yourself that you are wickedly mistreating them.

But Uncle Norman has created a sponge that holds pet wash and conditioner right inside of it, so you can wash and rinse, even massage your pet, all at once. Made by Spongetech®, Uncle Norman's® Pet Sponge is earth-friendly and paraben free. It includes shampoo, conditioner, and odor neutralizer. It also has 42 massage bumps on one surface which can be calming for your pet. And, you can reuse the Pet Sponge up to 8 times, because the sponge has "anti-bacterial properties," that keep the sponge clean between uses, according to the company description.

Uncle Norman seems to have a great idea with his Pet Sponge. You only need to buy one product, not three or four, your pet doesn't need to shiver during two or three applications of different products and, most importantly, one hand never has to leave your pet, while you open and close all of your bottles and tubes.

And, for those of you attending the Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden next week (February 9 -10), Uncle Norman will have a booth there, so check out his Pet Sponge! Otherwise visit him online!


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