CyberPower's Trinity Gaming PC Is A Three-Armed Wonder

The boring, rectangular boxes that most desktop PCs ship as apparently got too boring for boutique PC maker CyberPower. So, the firm teamed up with cases-and-cooling manufacturer DeepCool to produce the Trinity, and, well... just look at the thing. Doesn't it not remind you of a PC when you look at it?



Indeed, DeepCool's Tristellar case frames the Trinity with a three-armed design, spreading out components for "maximum cooling" relative to a tower case. One arm holds an ITX motherboard and 120mm liquid cooler; the second takes 12" graphics cards and triple SSDs; and the last can do three more SSDs, two HDDs, an optical drive, and a standard ATX PSU to power it all.



A "hollow hexagonal steel spine" attaches all three "blades" and carries interconnecting cables. The whole thing is very heavy - each blade weighs 10 lbs, not including installed parts - but is bolted together strongly enough that you can perch it on one side, with two blades sticking up.



All in all, CyberPower are offering the Trinity starting at $985 USD, which gets you an AMD A10-7700K processor and GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics, among other things. More expensive Intel Core i5 and i7 configurations are available, the latter using the world's only Intel X99 motherboard on ITX.

DeepCool lists the case on its website, and it may yet come available empty for DIY'ers looking for something cool to encase their next build, but so far the Tristellar seems to be a CyberPower exclusive.