Great Invention Idea? Robotic Massage Hand

Have you ever longed for a gentle reassuring touch throughout the day? Would you welcome an occasional rub or connection to another without all the messy human entanglements that often accompany such a sweet gesture? If so, you're in luck because in 2002, United States 6387064 patent was issued for a Robotic Massage Hand.

Forget Honda's ASIMO. As far as I can tell all he does is dance. And he's not inconspicuous either with his little astronaut suit. But the Robotic Massage Hand consists of a robotic hand that grips the back of your neck to deliver a little squeeze whenever you need a physical or emotional neck rub.

Robotic Hand MassageRobotic Hand Massage

The device is quite simple. The hand is powered by air bladders and pumps located inside specially designed shoes. Every time you step, the Cyborg Massage Hand gives you a little squeeze. Do you tend to walk with a spring in your step or a heavy gait? Then you're in for a full-on neck massage. Are you a casual stroller? Then a little squeeze every few seconds is your reward.

In any event, the Robotic Massage Hand is a step towards robotics we can actually use. Now, if I could only cross the Robotic Massage Hand with my Roomba Robot Vacuum, I might just produce a hybrid to help me reach robot nirvana!

Elizabeth Valeri
Patents Writer