Cyclean: Sanitary Fitness Machine Covers For The Undying Germaphobe

You've probably had one of those moments where you get on an exercise bike at the gym and wonder just how well the person before you cleaned off their machine. Sure, we've all been there, but one company takes this germaphobe fear to the next level that makes sure you never have to deal with it again...and yes, it just might be going too far.


Cyclean creates adjustable handlebar covers designed to be used on communal exercise bikes. You can wipe away to your heart's content and then put the cover on, which fits kind of like a specialized handlebar condom so you don't have to put your hands anywhere near that sweaty person that occupied the bike before you. It's a niche business that might just be going too far, but I'd be willing to bet any money that they've found a market where they will be successful!

Via: Cool Business Ideas

Aug 6, 2009
by Anonymous


As a devoted gym rat, I can tell you that this is a GOOD idea. Idiots who don't really work out but go to socialize whether or not they are sick go there and contaminate not only bikes, but other machines, free weights etc.

Make a pair that slip over open ended machines like the end of bikes and stationary exercise machines and a pair (I'm not sure how to do this) that I can slip over dumbbells.

People should not go to the gym when they know they are coming down with something, just like they should not send their kids to school but they do anyway...

I am not a germaphobe, I don't have a problem getting sick when it is required, but when the fatties don't even wipe down the equipment, well...