Cyclists: Cover Your Ass. Literally.

Well here's a solution to a problem I never really thought about. It's a rain jacket that covers more than just your torso. Specifically, it has a little ass flap that pulls down to keep your cheeks dry when cycling in the rain. Kind of a good idea, seeing as how quickly your seat will become soaked in a decent storm.

It's the Rapha + Paul Smith Rain Jacket. Unfortunately, it's most intersting attribute (said ass flap) comes in bright pink. Not sure why it had to be pink, but I guess it will make you a little more visible to the cars behind you when it's dark and overcast. 

Other features include high-visibility reversible cuff adjusters, three pockets (two up front, one inside) and inner neoprene cuffs. 

This jacket appears to be a great gift idea for the hardcore cyclist (rain, sleet or snow) or the bike commuter in your life. Although, the £270.00 ($425) price tag might be is a bit steep for a rain jacket. 

Update: I found a similar hooded rain jacket with tail in the U.S. with a much lower price tag here.


Via: Trend Hunter 

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