Cypress: The Last Umbrella You'll Ever Buy

Unless you are Mary Poppins and practically perfect in every way, chances are your current umbrella is not going to stand up to a sudden gust of wind. That is going to leave you exposed to the elements -- or it would have until now. With the Cypress Umbrella and its unique telescoping technology those days are in the past. Not only that, you can change canopies to go with your outfit.

Cypress UmbrellaCypress Umbrella

This umbrella is the first to have an "automotive inspired rib suspension system with interchangeable canvas." Old umbrellas are made with spider thin frames and hinged joints that just can't take the stress of a strong storm. This umbrella has each rib made up of tubular sections paired with precision machined joints and stainless steel pins. In short, it has more power.

Cypress UmbrellaCypress Umbrella

Basically this is a suspension system designed to combat against heavy, changeable winds. This is quite similar to how the shocks on your car work to provide a smoother ride. Each rib within the canopy's architecture is designed to adjust independently. It has even been fully tested for wind resistance.

Easy snap connections along the ribs allows you to choose from a large selection of canvas colors and designs. In less than 3 minutes you can switch out the canopy to match your clothing or mood. And, to make sure you don't get yourself or your clothing wet after use, there is a cover hidden in the handle.

The Cypress Umbrella comes in two styles -- the collapsible and the standard classic. The classic has every feature of the collapsible including the interchangeable canopies.

The one problem with the umbrella is that it isn't in production yet. It is a design from the Canadian company Hedgehog Products and the company's co-founders Cahay Ho and Kevin Truong. They have been seeking funding on Kickstarter, and even with a few days to go on the campaign, they have surpassed their goal.

Now if they could just come up with one of those Mary Poppins parrot umbrella handles so that you had someone to talk to.

Source: Kickstarter